Architecture and Construction Education

DraftingThe Architecture and Construction Program is designed to introduce students to the world of project design and residential construction. Students who like to design things, work with their hands, create and build things will enjoy this program.

Computer Aided Drafting students learn how to plan and draw a variety of objects using professional level software and design tools.
In Construction Technology, students will learn about the methods and techniques used in residential construction. Students will also learn to operate a variety of equipment to complete building projects and various assignments.

Additional courses continue to build on these skills and help prepare students for a future in this field. Careers related to this program area include:

Architectural and civil drafter or engineer
Environmental designer
Residential or commercial construction worker
Electrical or mechanical engineer
Building services technician
Building contractor

SkillsUSAStudents who take courses in the Architecture and Construction Education program will have the opportunity to participate in the Skills USA student organization. Students who become members of this organization demonstrate occupational and leadership skills by competing in local,state and national competitions. These competitions and conferences are designed to help students develop not only industry-related skills, but also allow students to demonstrate overall skills such as leadership, teamwork, citizenship and character development. Students gain self-confidence, a positive work attitude, and communication skills.